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Mike McCoy


Always in our Hearts!

We lost a very important family member here at Grishaber Service on April 28th 2022. Mike McCoy will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He was a warm, caring people-person, and a very happy-go-lucky kind of a guy, always looking to share a laugh with friends. He leaves behind a beautiful wife, Kelly, two daughters, Mallory and Kourtnie, and a grandson Bryson.


He was with us since 1985, faithfully coming in before 7am to open the shop for the day. Mike liked to say ‘I save lives for a living’ as he talked about what he does for a living. Working on cars had meaning to Mike, and he knew how important it was to have a vehicle in safe, working condition for people he cared about. And he truly cared about our customers. A phrase we used was ‘WWMD’ which meant ‘What Would Mike Do’, when a tech questioned how to do a procedure. Mike had many shortcuts to removing certain parts of a car. He had a natural gift for understanding the inner workings of all types of vehicles and was truly an expert in his field.


Mike was a very important mentor to Austin. Austin was his understudy as he went through training at Fox Valley Tech. Austin and Mike spent many hours working together over the last 3 years and that mentorship turned into true friendship.


Let's keep the good, caring thoughts and the fun and laughter Mike provided in the forefront when sharing our memories about him.


Rest In Peace Mikey!

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